Grow on the Go!


For any adult in their twenties, traveling to different parts of a town, city, state, or country is highly recommended during the age of discovery and wanderlust. Hopefully for each year till I settle down, I will be visiting a number of places that is new to me (and hopefully a group of friends!).

These places can range from a town or city with a set of destinations that I have not visited before or a place I have not visited in a long while. The purpose of this is to make the heart grow fonder of what the world has to offer. There are so many beautiful places and holes in the wall that need to be discovered before you don’t have any time to discover them at all. Here are a few of the places I would like to visit at least by the end of 2017!

Seattle – Again! I did not really document a lot the first time I went and I had no where to post it! I will dig up my photos and just add on when I write about it. I plan to go for my best friend’s graduation this June!

Vegas – Exploring Sin City as it should be. The first time I went with friends I could not get a full experience. Spring or summer time will be when we all get to really turn up!

Napa Valley – Wine tasting has been something I always wanted to do ever since my first few cups of wine. Traveling to Napa Valley with some of my favorite people will definitely be interesting and also a time to feel classy. Planning to go during the summer time when the sun is high and we’ll all be looking fly.

Northern California/Bay Area – I have a couple of friends that live up here that I miss way too much. During the summer I hope to drive up with some friends and explore our friend’s hometowns. Being here hopefully I can visit Berkeley, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Full House location!

San Diego – I have a lot of friends here as well but there are four things I definitely want to do here in this beautiful city and county. I love hiking, so finally taking the time to go to Potato Chip Rock is a must. I also would love to visit the Suspension Bridge, go brewery hopping and hopefully come back with a new appreciation for craft beer, and finally visit Hammond’s, an ice cream place I have been dying to try. This also includes going to the beach of course!

I look forward to documenting these travels and sharing them with all of you!

Enjoy your sundaze! 🙂

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