Big Goals, Baby Steps – Bring in the New Year!

First off, thank you 2016 for teaching me so much this year.

Personally I believe this year had the most self growth and I will only progress more as the year comes, especially coming in with where I am at with myself.

This year I learned what I like, what I do not like, what I want, and what I need. I learned about how far I want to go in life and what my limits are. There are a number of significant events that have occurred that have given me a wider perspective on life and those that are important to me. Taking these moments and memories with me, I have come to the following resolutions for 2017. These goals all have a series of mini goals that come along with them which will lead me, hopefully, to achieving them at the end of the year and bringing in 2018.

The overall goal is “To be better”. I know this is super open ended and vague, but there are a lot of items that I would like to self improve on.

  1. Better Health
    This past year has taught me as much as you’d like to take care of your physical health, your mental health should also be taken care of as well. In terms of physical health, I have begun a challenge with one of my friends that in exchange for his good grades. He has this insane cardio workout (which I will definitely make a post about it for my progress!) which involves activities such as rowing, cycling, running, and more. This is in addition to the workout class I signed up for this past quarter that is every Thursday and then the half marathon in May that I will be training for. I will also try, emphasis on try, to eat better. When you are in college it is super difficult to eat healthy, especially if you are always on the go. Therefore I will not remove items, but rather cut back and add more healthier options such as opting for water instead of coffee and having fruit for snacks. With mental health, I will definitely get a lot of stress relief from all the workouts I will be doing. I will also work to get at least six hours of sleep. I found out after 12 AM this past year I am no longer productive and after six hours of sleep I am pretty much solid for the rest of the day. This means being more productive during the day and then relaxing at night. With the schedule I chose for myself this upcoming quarter I will definitely have the opportunity for that. The last part is just accepting how things are and having a more positive outlook with looking on the brighter side.
  2. Travel Often
    This second goal I actually wrote more in detail in 17/17. This past year I traveled for the first time without my family to Seattle, Washington with my best friend to visit our best friend who attends school there. My travel goal this year is to travel to seventeen different places either with friends or by myself. Traveling is something I definitely want to do and I want to share with you all! I will feature them on the blog the Sunday after I visit. Traveling makes the heart grow fonder of what you have in your world, so take the time to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer!
  3. Career Growth
    Realizing this past year that I have a love not only for architecture, but also business, I have now officially completed my general management minor and I am now finishing up my Architecture major! I have a strong desire to be an event planner as well as an project manager. This requires putting in more time and skill growth in my current job as a programming assistant with the student activities and programs team and searching for an internship with an architecture firm. Pretty much improving all my skills for my present and future careers.
  4. Write More
    2016 was the year I also wrote more. I discovered that writing is my outlet when words are too difficult to speak. I wrote more through journals in my peer mentor class and I loved how I was able to speak freely and let my thoughts roam. Writing has definitely improved my speech skills as well and help me clearly express my opinions. Therefore I created this blog to post every Sunday and share my life as well as my thoughts! This also assists in career growth as all great entrepreneurs and managers must know how to write proposals, quotes, and submissions well to deliver their product and their message directly and efficiently.
  5. Financial Stability
    After going through the whole year having a job and realizing how much more responsibilities I have financially, I definitely need to fix my money game. The goal is to save at least $3000 by the end of the year in my savings account. So this means always contributing a significant amount to my savings with each pay check. As I get older and work towards having my own place, going to grad school and the hopes of more travels to different parts of the world before settling, more money will be required of me. That is why at least $3000 is a good place to start.
  6. Moving on to 4th Year
    So during 2016 I decided to take a break from my architecture degree to focus on improving my health and doing what I wanted to do, such as finishing my minor. I focused on business for three quarters and I am coming back to studio this winter quarter. I have a light load ahead in terms of classes with only about 12 or so units on my plate but this demands more study time and thought on my projects. The goal is to complete the “3rd Year Program” and get to the “4th Year Program”, finishing winter, spring, and fall with grades I like and I know I worked for.

These are my resolutions for the new year and these are all obtainable with a faith and hard work. Goodbye to 2016, and cheers to 2017!

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