December 2016 Favorites – Holiday Haul

Happy Holidays! Here are some favorites of mine this past holiday season đŸ™‚
Enjoy your Sundaze!

24K Magic Review

Bruno Mars has definitely done it again! Back in November, Bruno Mars released his new album 24K Magic to the entire universe and he has shut down the game. His creations have an almost nostalgic feel, taking you back to the good days where groovin’ was movin’. I have been listening to this album all of December and it definitely puts you in a good mood from all the stress accumulated from projects and exams. All the songs are so great on this album, but my definite top three songs from this album are “That’s What I Like” for the simpin, “Finesse” for the feel good vibes, and of course the hit of the season that’s been hitting all the radio stations “24K Magic”. So while you are kicking off the new year, bring some Bruno along the way.

The Apple Fam

My family has been Android/Samsung for the past few years and we have now decided to join the Apple Fam! We all upgraded to new iPhone 7’s and even got a deal on an extra iPad. Literally almost everything is Apple now and I have my eye actually set on obtaining a new MacBook by the end of this new year. I chose to go with the Rose Gold iPhone and paired it with a floral clear case from Milky Way. I have had the phone for a little over a month now and I am in love with how easy it is to use and the accessibility.

Beautiful & Black


So this bag is actually a gift I received for Christmas from one of my aunts. She pretty much gave all the ladies bags for the season and mine was the most “adult like” out of all of them. This bag is from G.H. Bass & Co and is a medium sized, leather, black bag. This bag comes with the right amount of pockets and fits my new planner too! I have been using this bag every day since I got it because of the versatility and durability. This matches with any outfit and is a shoe-in to be used every day.

Home & Office
My New Passion Planner!


I have had my black Passion Planner since October 2015 and have used it every day. Now that the black one is filled, I decided to buy a Paradise Blue 8 1/2″ x 11″ Passion Planner to try out a different size and have more writing room. More details about my Passion Planner and how I use it in the post titled “Planning Your Passions – Making the Most Out of Your Planner”. I actually bought the same planner on the right for my grandma because she is starting to forget some things. This tool definitely will be used by both of us to record and remember all that has happened this new year. My Passion Planner is something I use every day and helps me stay organized and on top of my game! I highly recommend this planner to anyone that enjoys planning out their day and would like to have a place to doodle to stay awake, write down important tasks for the day, or even plan and take notes for future events and projects.

Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I just completed this book that was assigned to me back in September for my peer men3toring class. Grit discusses the definition and the journey to being “gritty” or being persistent, having perseverance, and being passionate when it comes to success. In Grit, Duckworth brings in her research from interviews she has conducted and how high achievers approach obtaining peak performance. Reading this book has given insight on that there are multiple motivational tactics and moments that are crucial to one’s drive. I recommend this book to those that are a little stuck and are wondering on how to self motivate.

Victoria Secret’s Secret Basic Palette


This last piece is also another gift I received from my godmother for a late birthday present. She gifted me the Ultimate Look Shadow Trio by Victoria Secret and this is the perfect basics palette I have been looking for. I was at Sephora the other day looking for a palette to take on the go, but alas I could not find something that fit my budget and what I needed. When I received this and put swatches on my hand and tested on my eye I fell in love. The shades are close to a bright pink and a mix of brown and purple. This palette gives a little pop of color but is enough for a neutral look to be accompanied with eye liner. This is definitely one of those hidden gems Victoria Secret has to offer other than their extremely cute underwear, pajama, and PINK sets.

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