Planning Your Passions – Making the Most Out of Your Planner!


Hello internet fam!

With the new year, comes a new planner!
Planners are used in all kinds of different ways for different types of people. There are bullet journals, daily to do lists, time framing, and so much more.

Personally for me, I enjoy planners that have a weekly layout and have space for me to write in my lists, thoughts, and reminders. This is why Passion Planner is so useful and beneficial for me and the life I live.

Coming from my Compact 5.5″ x 8.5″ Classic Black Passion Planner, I recently purchased the 8.5″ x 11″ Paradise Blue Classic Passion Planner. I spent a year with a compact format and have decided to go a little bigger for the new year. So far the larger size has definitely given me more room and pages to write out my thoughts and plan out my day.

Here are some tips and tricks that apply to all planners, regardless of if you own a Passion Planner, or have another format of your own! With these, by the end of your planner’s life you will look back and remember all the memories you have planned for and lived through!


  1. Post Its
    I love using Post Its as extra space to emphasize what I need to do. I utilize bright pads to allow them to pop and be the first things I see when I open up my planner to the week I currently am on. Post Its are also handy when you want to create lists but do not want to place them in a space on your planner where an important item needs to be. Post Its are transferable from page to page, can be crumpled and thrown away, or saved for another day. Pretty much these are major space savers and come in all kinds of shapes and colors!15824059_1532164903465828_356097233_o
  2. Color Coding
    There is no such thing as having too many pens and markers, especially colored ones. When I use my planner and lay out my week, I write everything in black pen unless there is a specific purpose for a colored pen. Once everything is laid out on paper, I go back and highlight, putting similar items with the same color. For my new Passion Planner I have used the following colors below to color code. Color coding helps you prioritize and see which items you have more of and which you have least. This helps you seize the day and where you can manage your time.15817664_1532167546798897_1088058934_o
  3. Scrap Booking
    This is not so much a planning tip but rather a journal tip. When certain events occur I like to write them down or draw little pictures. You do not have to be an artist when it comes to these, this is your story and you choose how to best represent what you did! If the event involves tickets or stickers or a little memorabilia that is flat, sticking those on the day that they occurred with some tape will contribute to your memory.
  4. Hand Lettering
    PSA I do not own calligraphy pens so I create everything with just what I have seen before. When I write or doodle I like to practice hand lettering. This is the art of creating designs through words and creating fonts. I use hand lettering when I am writing down a significant event, a quote, or piece of advice to myself.

You do not have to be creative to do these four steps. This is your planner and you choose how you want to utilize it. The color and the extra tools are just helping fill in or add in the lines!

Hope this helps & enjoy your Sundaze!

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