Busting a Mission to the Inn!


Happy 2017 everyone! One of these locations I have been wanting to visit all of winter break but have not gotten the chance to till now:

The Mission Inn’s Festival of Lights in Riverside, California

There has been a lot of buzz about this place during the holiday season, especially among my fellow acquaintances, classmates, and close friends. All people could talk about was the amazing and impressive set up of lights that filled and covered the historic hotel. This was to the point where I just had to see the place lit up before I had to wait another 11 months for the holidays to roll around again. I love the holidays, especially when they involve light displays.

Originally I had planned to go with other friends, but some unfortunate events had occurred. I had not intended to go, but after walking to my car and sitting for about 15 minutes I thought, “Why not?”.

So I took the chance to an “Aprilventure” and drove to Riverside’s Mission Inn. The drive itself was pretty good, and getting off the exit you automatically are put on Mission Inn Drive taking you straight to the Inn itself. First negative point of the trip was the parking. This was a little obvious as the street in front of the place was blocked off for pedestrians and a lot of the main strip parking was pay by the hour. Thankfully I parked about a block away so the walk was not too bad.


Here at the Inn the place was pretty much decked out in lights. Although I have given a few pictures of what I saw and what the place has to offer, you have to experience the place in person to really take in all the grandeur. The place was not too crowded, giving visitors good opportunities to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree inside, the giant mistletoe out in front, or just everywhere. The place was literally covered in lights that even the palm trees had lights stringed on them. I also found out why the street had been blocked off. They have horse drawn, Christmas light covered, carriages. Almost like the one you would find in Cinderella. Yes, that pumpkin carriage. It was beautiful.


I also decided to venture into the hotel to take a look at their lobby. As an aspiring design project manager, I actually wanted to focus on hospitality locations, specifically resorts and hotels. The lobby was beautiful, creating a nostalgic type of feeling. People were moving and dancing, both wings were filled with music. There were people talking, having a drink, and enjoying their time even if it was just for the night.




If you are ever around in the Riverside area during the holidays, take a chance to go stop by the Mission Inn. And if you are with your significant other, definitely take a chance to stop and kiss under the giant mistletoe, you can’t miss it.


Hope you are enjoying your Sundaze!


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