In & Out of Bounds – Dating Apps & Looking Long Term


In your lifetime there will be moments when you are in heartbreak, when you are in a relationship, when you are in love, and just in general, caught by the love bug. However the love bug has a prime time where you are just open to almost…well everything.

This time is when you are single.

You are in the middle where you want to be in a relationship but at the same time at any given moment you can just give your finger to the relationship/dating scene and sit on the couch eating your three course McDonald’s meal watching Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother deal with his complicated love life and thank the universe you do not have to deal with that complicated mess. That’s me right now. Well except I ate my three course meal and watched HIMYM on two separate occasions. Both are beautiful moments I appreciate.

In lieu of recent events in the past year, I found myself on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagels that a friend introduced me to. I have tried out Tinder last year but that was filled with weirdos and people I knew because they were my friends HAHA. To be honest, I joined the app to really just meet new people, especially since I connect best with guys. If in the process I meet someone that wants to go on a date with me and I feel the same then sure, why not? Only God knows what is in store for me.

Anyways, back to the dating app. I tried it and I have interacted with a couple of guys who are cute and can hold an okay conversation, but I have only given my number to a few of them. All the information here I am about to write, the guys who I mention know about this because I have told them and was straight up with them. Honesty is always the best policy.

Okay guy number one: doesn’t know personal bubble space. Unless I accept touch or try to get closer to you as well, YOU DO NOT WALK NEXT TO A GIRL LIKE YOU’RE ATTACHED AT THE SHOULDER. In addition to reaching over the table and trying to touch my hand back the fuck up BACK THE FUCK UP. DID I SAY YOU CAN TOUCH MY HAND NAH BETCH. DON’T WALK NEXT TO ME AND ATTEMPT TO SHOVE ME OFF THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA.
This guy I thought was sweet overall, but in addition to other things and being a little awkward and trying too hard, the personal bubble was not respected.

Guy number two: The first time I saw him was through FaceTime and I thought he was nice at first. Decent looking, had a nice voice, was social, and not awkward. However a few days ago, he asks me what I am up to and I say nothing really. He then proceeds to ask if I wanted to come over to watch a movie or drive to Newport Beach to hang out and get to know each other. I love the beach and that’s all romantic and shit BUT BRO NEWPORT. I live like a little over an hour from there. SECOND IN ADDITION TO  COMING OVER HE PROCEEDS TO TELL ME  IF IT WAS TOO LATE FOR ME TO DRIVE I CAN STAY OVER. LIKE WTF. Calm your balls or I’ll chop them off to calm them for you. That is not stuff you do on the first date ya nasty, let alone go to your place to watch a movie with you.

These two guys i found them when I first downloaded the app. I have already deleted it but I still talk to the ones that are nicer. One them actually sends me pictures of dogs he sees in the Philippines since he’s out there visiting right now. Another, and props to him, straight up told me that there was a girl he was starting to get serious with the day before we planned to go get boba. Props to him because of  his honesty. He’s a good man and that girl is lucky af.

I’m not looking for anything but if the opportunity is there and it’s fate, well who knows till it happens right? In the end when it comes to love, I’m already looking at long term. Things happen and fall in place at the right place at the right time.

So right now, praise to all the single ladies (and men) out there.
May you find love, joy, and happiness through the world you build for yourself.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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