Meeting Joy


Have you ever met Joy?

I’m pretty sure you have. However if you need a refresher of when you’ve met. Here’s what it is:

All smiles.
Yelling & screaming.
Getting excited over people reaching the smallest of goals.
Crying when you look back at a beautiful past.
People feeling like they’re in their natural habitat:
dancing, singing, and trying new things.

When you look at your friends and join in what seems like the beginning.
Seeing a legacy be complete and written.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Understanding Joy is not something you cannot do.
You cannot comprehend Joy until you are actually with Joy.

When you witness a baby being born.
When you see someone master and perform successfully for the first time.
When you see someone make a new friend.
Or when you see people fall in love.

It’s Joy.

Seeing people realize there is more to one night than meets the eye.
Seeing people realize that this is the beginning of something beautiful.

That’s Joy.

Yes there are bumps in the road, and the inevitable thoughts of not being able to reach your goals and that there are things in life you need to set aside.
These are Sadness’s moments.

But with Sadness there is also Joy.

Seeing who comes after you and who grows because of your decisions.
This is where you experience Joy.

New faces, old faces, coming together for the beginning of the rest of their lives.
Seeing people step out of their shell and ready to brave what’s to come despite the unpredictable.

What you pursue is something worth fighting for. This is what’s worth fighting for.

I see joy.
When you take the time to pick a song and just start singing with everyone.
It’s fun, it’s harmless, it’s Joy.
People cannot contain it.

Joy is not meant to be contained.
It is meant to be shared.
It is meant to be embraced.
it is meant to be love.
When you express joy,
you feel love.
Love for the moment,
love for what’s past
love for what’s to come.

It’s a wanted thing.
It’s a needed thing.

Everyone needs Joy,
and everyone gets it.

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