Possible for the Impossible


A few days ago my boss called me into her office to talk about our next team meeting’s minutes and what should be added or removed. When I stepped in I saw the image above on her monitor screen.

I asked her what it was, and she told me that throughout her years in college, she always picks out different inspirational quotes with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds such as this one. She would print them out and put them on her binders as reminders that she is capable of doing anything.

She’s now finishing her Master’s degree while being a kick ass boss. That’s goals.

I asked her to send me this image and she did. The other reason being is that the quote itself, I resonate with so much.

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

We all have a block in our lives. A block, sometimes even a wall, that we feel like we cannot get over. Just when we think that we have everything figured out, there comes a point where we do not know what to do next or how to get over the wall to get to reach our goal. We feel like we do not have the resources, the mental strength, or even the physical strength to overcome our challenges. This is the part where we feel like reaching our goals is impossible.

However, sometimes you have to just go at it. At first glance, that’s the point in time where you’re easily apt to giving up. However when you take the time to analyze your situation and take a look around at your current state, you realize you may have what you need to reach your goal. You can either dig your way under, walk the wall to find an opening, or simply just work your way to climb over.

There is always a solution, no wall is too high or to great to achieve.
Walls are always meant to be broken down. It seems impossible at first, but not until you take that chance will it be possible.

So for all you struggling right now in whatever way, don’t give up, I believe in you.

Get out there & enjoy the rest of your Sundaze ❤

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