Top 6 Places for a Self Date

Not everyone is used to being by themselves. You’re sitting there wondering what you should do and how to spend your time. Those moments where you catch yourself, by yourself, wondering how to fill the time you have open. You want to be with people, but everyone just so happens to be busy or occupied with other things.

However, once in awhile it is great to just treat yourself and spend some time with just you. Where you pick a destination and just go because you want to go. You do not need the company of others, just your necessities like your phone, your wallet, and your beautiful, bad self.

Last week I sat around with some friends and asked what are the best (and some surprising) places you can go to treat yourself on a Self Date.

  1. The Movie Theater
    I love movies. Period. You get the reclining (sometimes) chair, and if the theater is semi empty or the seat in front of you is unoccupied you can kick your feet up and relax. Some people like to go in groups for this occasion but you do not necessarily need a group or even a partner to enjoy a good movie. You get to enjoy the movie of your choice with a double flavored Icee in hand and a large popcorn in the other. No one will judge you for just wanting to enjoy a good RomCom or a thrilling scary movie.
    Some movies I definitely do recommend that are out right now are Hidden Figures, A Dog’s Purpose, La La Land, and Sing. These are all feel good movies and can be enjoyed on your own.
  2. An Outdoor Cafe
    With this location you have to be on good terms with the weather and pick a spot you know there’s a high person traffic count. The sounds and the sights of the moving city or the suburb are perfect when you just want a cup of coffee while you work, while you eat, or just to take part in spectating and people watching. There’s something soothing about just relaxing while the rest of the world moves around you. It’s like a time out from the bustle of your life, but it’s a time out you don’t mind.
  3. A Bookstore
    Similar to the café, except you’re indoors and stepping into another universe. There are so many books to choose from, especially when you go into a different book store every time. There are hundreds of Barnes & Noble’s to choose from or you can go to a trendy place like The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. There’s always a place to sit and get lost in someone’s fantasy, nightmare, romance, or mystery.
  4. Go on a Hike
    One summer I went on a crazy amount of hikes with my best friend who is featured above. We would pick different places regardless of how far or how close they were from our hometown. If we had FitBits back then, I’d say we would be packing in some serious steps. These places are for the cheap and adventurous. There are a lot of areas where you can just start walking for hours or even minutes. Hikes can also double as cardio workouts to test your stamina and how far you can go and how high you can climb. This is highly encouraged, but only on days that the weather permits.
  5. The Beach
    Alright, I feel like this is going to be a bias, but a lot of people agree with me on this as well. The beach is definitely a place where you can just park nearby and explore the entirety of the area. There is a reason why water sounds are always found on one of those machines or apps that help you focus or help you sleep. The ocean breeze, the faint sound of seagulls, and the feeling of the water rushing between your toes. When I just hang out at the beach by myself, I can really have time to think for myself. I don’t always go, but during the summer time I definitely go as much as possible when I am in LA.self-date2
  6. Your Bathroom
    A lot of people don’t think this is a place for a self date, but yo when I heard this suggestion, I just had a brain fart. You pretty much have a date with yourself every time you go to the bathroom. Imagine and think about it: you’re sitting on the toilet, relaxing yourself and relieving yourself. And when you do, you feel great. All the negative things, physically and mentally, are removed. During this time, you aren’t going anywhere, but you’re letting your mind wander and pretty much just enjoying yourself.

If you have any other suggestions drop a comment my Beep Me section!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundaze! 🙂

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