Body Rock No. 1 – Becoming Fit Again


Everyone has a different fitness goal.

Whether it be to become professional body builders, to compete in lifting, to be able to run full marathons, to master a sport, or just be healthy overall, everyone has a different journey and a different way of tackling the challenge. It has been a month and a half into the new year, and I am on my way to being fit and reaching my weight goal.

In 2016, the last time I weighed myself I weighed about 165 lbs and I was unhappy with my weight and my fitness level. Running a 5k back in September had me lying down in bed with ice packs all over my back for the entire day. I had not gone to the gym due to the fact that I was trying to stay on top of my classes in addition to work. Lastly, I kept needing to buy new clothes because well…I couldn’t fit them anymore. So 2017 meant a new change.

Ever since the new year started, I was determined to get back to the physical state I was in when I was finishing high school: active, weighing in at 135/140, and able to keep up in a game of basketball with my brother.

The first step I took was trying to fit working out in my schedule. I had signed up for a Step Aerobics class as part of my class units, “forcing” me to do a cardio exercise at least twice a week for one hour.

My stamina was shit.

I felt good, but the initial feeling I had in the beginning was exhaustion. I tried to go to the gym more often, finding pockets of time where I could stretch, do weights, work on my core, or just work on more cardio. I marked in my Passion Planner the days I did workout, and targeted a number of days every week that I would go.

It’s February 19 now, and I workout at least four to five times a week. A normal schedule would be this: workout Monday afternoon, workout and Step Aerobics on Tuesday afternoon, workout Wednesday morning, workout and Step Aerobics on Thursday, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I either do one or two days of workout.

In terms of my diet, it has gotten a lot better. I discovered the veggie tray at Costco and used it to meal prep my vegetables. Just taking the tray, grabbing a handful of assorted things, and then steaming them every morning while my meat cooks and I get ready for the day. It’s a good routine and system so far and I definitely do see progress.

I have a lot more energy, am able to keep up with others, and when I play volleyball now, well shit I have gotten so much better at setting. I even have a lot of workout buddies for motivation and helping each other reach our fitness goals.

Maybe in the next week or so I will be posting the workout routines I do and the meals I prepare.

But for now, enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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