From Smoll to Cheez Whiz Rangers – A Growing Family Line

Being a fourth year in Barkada, your line definitely grows. Other than my kuya and my two co adings, I have official eight adings, four grands, and I am pretty sure two great grands. I love my family, in a way each of them represents a small piece of me and how we are family besides this system that Barkada has made. Here’s a small snippet of each of my family, what I think of them, how we met, and how, I guess, the connection is made.

So he technically is the first official, OG ading, but I did not officially pick him up till this year 2017. The backstory of how we met is complex but regardless he is definitely the first first first one. He’s our tsimis queen or gossip queen, kind of what inspired our line name because Cheez Whiz sounds like Tsimis. We both enjoy staying updated and keeping to date on everything Barkada and I tell him everything. Under him, he has four adings, but as of right now only two of them I see as official grands. These are Roleen and Martha. Under Martha I have two great grands, Caylah and Kaila, who are total sweethearts.

Mariana & Trisha

So Mariana and Trisha are twins. They were the first official set of adings that I picked up my second year in Barkada when I was on the executive board. At the time, both of them were Architecture majors just as I was and they are both people that definitely held pieces of my personality. Both Mariana and Trisha are super hard working. Mariana is still an Architecture major, but Trisha switched over. The things with them that make them unique is how involved they both love to be. Trisha is in a sorority (which I did rush but to be honest that life is too much for me and my wallet) and does sports, shoutout to Audrey her big who was on executive board with me and is like my sister as well and Mariana is the artsy fartsy, travel loving component of me, despite being architecture major, still comes out to support her Barkada family no matter what. Regardless of the fact that I hardly see either of them, I still love them and support them no matter what happens in their lives.


Next up is Marlon and his ading, Alyssa. Now to this day I still don’t know how that pair got so cute but damn this was the first official line. I met Marlon through my ex-boyfriend. One day, he messaged me and told me Marlon wanted to join Barkada, so we met through Friendship Games  2015 and since day one we have been inseparable. Marlon is the super extroverted version of me. Loves to hang out with people, is a hard worker, and is always looking to have a good time. Lately he has always been busy with work and school, but regardless of these factors we still manage to spend time with one another. His ading, Alyssa, is an architecture major too just like Mariana. In a way she is a mini Marlon and I combined: in Architecture, but well on her way to being just as involved in Barkada as Marlon and I have been. I believe she even has potential to be on a committee or executive board. Both of them remind me of me, especially Freshman year me: dedicated to Barkada, involved in Tinikling, stubborn as heck, and always down for anything.


Hi Snapchat this is my ading John LOL. So this relationship started my second year as well, but did not become official till this year, same as Patrick. A long time coming. I used to call John, Pseudo, because I took care of him as my own fake ading when his kuya was away on a trip. He would come over to my suite to study, we would hang out, get food, and just talk. John is the more derpy side of me, still hard working but he loves to snapchat and be friendly to almost every single person we meet. He has one official ading, who doesn’t come out as often but I love her regardless, Kaela.


Zander is the most recent pick up in terms of Cal Poly Pomona. I picked him up in Fall 2016 and he was a little bit of a surprising match but it worked out regardless. Zander, and this is not offensive whatsoever but the truth, he is the more religious and athletic side of me. We are both catholic and we both love going to the gym to workout. If you ever meet Zander, he is suuuper fit. Like the boy can lift more than me. I am also super proud of him too for openly embracing his faith. Not a lot of people can do that but he is definitely someone I admire for openly thanking God for every day that comes by as a blessing in open or disguise. He always encourages me and inspires me to continuously be open as a child of God and stay healthy and fit.

Bea (San Bernadino) & Angeli (CSUN)

These last two are my external babies, Bea and Angeli. They are from different schools but I still see them as my external adings. Bea, I met through a mutual friend named Nader, and Angeli I met through her boyfriend right now, Neil. I do not remember clearly how I met Bea, but definitely in a way she is a Marlon and Mariana combined: Hardworking, extroverted, and super talented in designing. Angeli, she’s our baby. Right now she attends CSUN, but she is actually looking to transfer over to Mt. Sac and then hopefully Cal Poly Pomona right after. Every time I see either one of these two, there are squeals everywhere and running. They both are the little bubbly personality parts of me that I never want to let go. Their hearts are so big that I swear, if you combine all three of ours you’d probably get a mess of pink everywhere.

I love my family, and it’s still growing. I am pretty sure I am going to be in Barkada next year, but picking up another ading is something that I never have planned. It always depends on who comes in and who I connect with. Who knows, maybe I will just be getting  more grands and great grands.

Till then, I love you fam.

Stay Sundazed!

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