Missing May

If you do not know me, I am a sick person. No not in that sense of mentally sick, but physically sick. If you do not follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, or have me as a friend on Facebook, you will not have known that for almost the past, almost 29 days I have either been in the Intensive Care Unit, in surgery, in the hospital, or in rehabilitation. A good half of it I do not even remember, so I always have to always ask my mom a history of what happened, what I looked like, and what was going on with me.

After our culture night one morning, I had the worst abdominal pain and I did not know what was going on. I could not really move, and every time I did the pain just got worst. I called my parents and they told me to go to the nearest emergency room. Shout out to my roommate for driving me to the local hospital and taking care of me while I got checked out. Due to the pain being so intense, I got looked at right away. I got an ultra sound and in the end I ended up getting a surgery and getting my appendix taken out. One less thing to worry about right? After that, my body just started failing apparently according to my mom. My blood pressures went up and down, my kidneys were giving out and I was taking on a lot of water weight, weighing almost 180 pounds to my now 140, my pancreas was infected, and my whole body was just in critical condition. I got transferred to my main hospital, and according to my mom, everything was crazy. I would get agitated at 5 AM every day, I had a seizure at one point, I went to the Intensive Care Unit twice, and I got transferred to a regular room twice. I went from a liquid diet to a solid food diet, and when I look at my body now, there is just so many places where I have a wound vac from my surgery, had injections, sedations, shots, and dialysis lines. My body has been through a lot this past month but to be honest, it is the biggest wake up call.

Everyone knows what happened, my club, the Philippines, my family, my friends, there were so many people that came to visit me wherever I went and I thank them for that and their prayers on my recovery. It has been a long time coming, and today I am glad to say I am able to write from the rehabilitation center, which according to the doctor the earliest I can probably leave is either tomorrow, May 29, or Thursday, June 1 according to insurance. Especially with the progress I have made, a lot of the doctors and therapists say I don’t even have to be here longer than maybe Tuesday, May 30.

The turn around was insane. I went from not being cognitive or aware and in so much pain, to being able to have long and decent conversations with my friends and family, walking around the room without a walker, and just getting back into my old routine. Definitely from this experience I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of and what I actually really want to do to make sure I am not just happy, but I am healthy at the same time.

Thank you again to all the people at the hospitals who gave me medicine and took care of me, to all the people who prayed for me, to all the people who kept me up to date with the outside world, to all the people that visited me wherever I went and brought me company and gifts, and especially my family and my biggest supporters, my parents, for staying by my side every night through the difficult time when I would be awake, unable to sleep, able to sleep, or just needed someone to talk to or massage my legs lol. I would not be where I am today without everyone’s undying love and support.

Being sick is tough, but if you learn more about yourself from it and it definitely changes your life for the better, it is definitely a blessing in disguise.

Hopefully I will be out sooner than later from rehab.
Till then, I hope you all get to go out and enjoy your Sundaze!
See you on the flip side !

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