Anaheim’s Most Visited Gem


Anaheim, California is best known these days for their three destinations: Disneyland a.k.a. the Happiest Place on Earth, the Anaheim Packing District a.k.a. Food Heaven, and Angel Stadium a.k.a. home to the Angel’s Baseball Team.

However, have you ever been to ARTIC, Anaheim’s gem?

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, better known as ARTIC, provides rail, bus, taxi and other services for daily commuters, visitors and leisure travelers. In addition to their transit services, they also have shops and dining, as well as a beautiful location for filming and photoshoots.


During the day, the location is filled with people traveling near and far, meeting their loved ones or their clients, or individuals just hanging out and enjoying the space. As the sun goes down, the entire ceiling of the center lights up in a variety of colors, making the center a unique place for evening photoshoots. Dressed up in our best and putting on onesies for funsies, my friends and I had a great time together, especially with ending the first week of summer school.


Below are more photos we took from our visit to ARTIC. If you know of any other destinations for us to hit up in the Anaheim/Orange County area, drop a comment below or message me in the MSG tab!

Till then,
enjoy your Sunday, fam!


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