#Aprils Summer Story

fullsizeoutput_39.jpegSanta Monica Pier, June 19, 2017

Summer Seventeen is here, fam!

This wonderful season is dedicated to all the stories that will come out of each day. On Instagram, Facebook, and here on Be Sundazed, posts and images will come from academic challenges, to late night adventures, to new lifestyles, new content, and new loves (WHAAAT?! Stay posted!).

Every year I make a new hashtag, especially for my Instagram feed (@apmacas), to have all my adventures in one spot. So this summer’s hashtag is #aprilssummerstory! If you have read my “Missing May” post under Timelapse, you know that I had a big wake up call recently. The reason behind this hashtag is a result of that event.

I want to enjoy life while working towards my goals, so this summer is where it starts.

Every day there is always a new adventure and like the saying goes: “Work Hard, Play Hard”. There are those days that are planned out and activities or appointments you have pre-set for yourself, but do you ever savor the moments in between? These spontaneous moments and adventures that I have with my friends, my family, my co-workers, and people I meet along the way are the ones that come with the best stories to look back on when life gets tough. They are reminders that no matter how difficult life gets, there’s definitely something out there to look forward to.

So far these past few weeks have been great. Yes there are still responsibilities that I have to attend to, but so far every day has some kind of adventure awaiting me.

I cannot wait to make memories with all of you this summer and especially log them down in my Passion Planner who’s coming along for the ride.

Stay sweet & enjoy your Sunday!

fullsizeoutput_36.jpegGlendale, June 15, 2017

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