Shooting for Smiles – Meet the Grey Smiles Project!

Carbon Canyon, April 15, 2017

Hello Sundazed Fam!
I wanted to introduce you to one of my biggest inspirations and favorite bloggers.

Leanne Luong, creator of the Grey Smiles Project!

Leanne is a good friend of mine who finds love in inspiring her friends, her family, and her Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter followers in traveling, photography, home cooking, and her own perspectives on life. Other than pursuing her college degree, she manages her blog, in addition to going on amazing and insane adventures and doing photoshoots.

Every now and then, Leanne will have promotional offers on her photoshoots to not only promote her business, but to add on to her portfolio as well. On April, 15, I had the honor of contributing and being featured in her portfolio with a nature photoshoot in Carbon Canyon in Brea, California! Below are some of the amazing photos she captured as well as edited on the early morning in the park.

19512148_1728860603796256_1009938016_n.jpgApril 5

We also grabbed food after! It is an absolute must to end a great time with a great friend with some great food. We ended up trying a new place called Eat Chow, known for their delectable brunch items & mimosa flights!


Thank you so much, Leanne, for the amazing time and all the great photos!
If you ever need a photoshoot for anything, make sure to hit her up! Also if you want to read more on her and take a look at her posts and past photoshoots, her links are down below. Make sure to follow & like her pages!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Main Blog:
Her Portfolio:
Facebook Page:

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