Hello Sundazed fam, HAPPY JULY!

If you have not realized yet, we are in the middle of 2017. Half a year of adventures, drama, stories, growth has gone by. Now the question is:

How do you feel about where you are now, and what do you have planned out for yourself in the second half of the year? 

Summer will fly by, the seasons will change, people will go back to work and school, the holidays will ring, and before you know it, 2018 is here. Damn. (Which reminds me I need to start my Christmas list & savings)

I cannot even fully answer that question myself. I remember writing down in my Passion Planner all my dreams/goals I set out for myself in the beginning of the year. Looking back at those goals, I did achieve some and currently am achieving some. These goals include working on my 17 Destinations for 2017, loving myself more, getting a new laptop, achieving my weight goal, and having my blog. However large goals such as my health and my education, those took a turn to a different direction. This was especially true with getting sick back in May, which you can read about in my post “Missing May”, fully changing my major from architecture to business, and not being able to run my half marathon in May.

In the moment when these events were occurring, I was scared.

The initial idea of not going through with the plan or vision I created for myself is terrifying. When these change in events occurred through my own decisions or unannounced, I did not know what the end result would be. Sometimes you experience feeling small, wondering if you made a mistake, and thinking you have to find a way to fix it to “put yourself back on track”.


What I mean is: don’t waste your time trying to travel back in time and change the past.
Don’t forget to take a timeout and recenter yourself, think about what you need or want for yourself, and figure out your next step, not use an old step.

Yes, some tactics are better than others or maybe you have a method that works for you already and has never failed you, but there is never one way to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Never forget to take a timeout for yourself. 

There is no set duration for this timeout because everyone works at a different pace, but know that during this timeout, you are helping yourself breathe from everything that influences you, all your responsibilities, and taking time for yourself.

Go grab a drink, play some board games with friends, read a book you’ve been wanting to read for awhile, go on a date, draw a picture, play with a puppy, anything that you want to do for yourself. If this means going Black Ops and hiding away from the world for a month, or dancing in your room for a quick minute, the end goal is to come out of it refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Hopefully this second half of the year will be just as inspiring, eye-opening, and fulfilling as your first half.

Till then,
Enjoy your daze , fam!


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