SDP No. 1 – Your Special Day

To all the July & August babies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Honestly, I believe summer babies are the luckiest babies. They get to celebrate their birthdays with no showers and all sunshine, a good chunk of their friends are able to come out to celebrate, and they have more opportunities and more creativity to come up with a celebration to remember…or not depending if you are of age.

These birthday celebrations during the summer can differ for everyone, but for college students or individuals who enjoy this lifestyle: we head to the bar or a restaurant.


Sandbox along Melrose in Los Angeles is a great place for good food, good company, and good times, basically the perfect adult playground. Here, there are a variety of games for your friends to take part in for some friendly competition, good food and drinks to enjoy, and overall an atmosphere that you can make your own adventure.


At the end of the day, any celebration is always a great time. You pick an environment, and the results of the experience are left up to fate to decide.

Now you’re probably wondering, is April suggesting you go to a bar/restaurant for your birthday or go to Sandbox? No.
It is entirely up to you, it’s your special day and you have every right to do whatever you want. The celebrant in the photos just chose this to be the setting.
If your birthday lands during this summer season, make it one to remember.

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