The Feeling

I’m not a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but if you have listened to his song “The Feeling” I think you’ll have a  good idea of what I’m experiencing.

You’re single, you’re dating, you’re in a serious relationship, you’re married.
Whatever your relationship status is, you know “The Feeling”

“The Feeling” is the feeling of butterflies that you get and the emotions very similar to being in love. However “The Feeling” is difficult to define because it is just a feeling. You cannot help but think of that person and want to be with them, but at the same time you’re lost and you’re confused because you do not know if you like them or love them.

The last time I wrote about my dating life here on Be Sundazed, I mentioned I was single and I was using some dating apps and had gone on a few dates, some being more successful than others.

Recently, very recently, I have gone on a few dates with a few people, but I have now completely removed the dating app.

Because I have “The Feeling”.

I will not say who it is, but that person is definitely giving me “The Feeling”.
I enjoy their company, talking to them regularly,  and spending time with them when we do find the time.

But I do not know if they are the one.

“The Feeling” also results in your guards deciding if they want to come down or stay up.

In my case, I have been hurt way too many times: cheated, emotionally abused, broken up with, and misunderstood. When “The Feeling” came, so did uncertainty. Uncertainty if I am actually in love with who they are, or just in love with the feeling I get every time I am with them.

There is a big difference between the two.

I want to be in love with them for them, who they are as a person regardless of their flaws. I do not want to be in love with the feeling that I get when I am with them, because to be honest, that feeling can be with anyone I enjoy spending time with, such as my friends, my family, and those who put me in a good mood.

I guess as the days go by, I’ll figure it out eventually.

I’ll keep you posted, Dazed fam.
Till then, enjoy your Sunday!


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