The Summer Daze Project

For those involved in academia, those who only work seasonal jobs, or just in general have a period in time where they are not as busy, there arises one thought, especially for the summer:

This summer I will…

Will what? That is the big question.

We are always talking about how we want to live up the summer and make the most out of it. With the circumstances that we have, such as work, summer school, no cars, or no money, we still want that opportunity to live only once, spend time with their loved ones, improve on themselves, or do something iconic before the fall season comes. Significant events can range from having a picnic on the beach with someone special, to exploring a place you have never gone to before, all the way to doing things that contribute to your self growth. We are all looking for something to do that leaves at the end of the day thinking

“I did it. I did what I wanted to do this summer and I am happy with how it happened because I did it with no regrets.”
You leave the season and go back to work  or school with no “what ifs”, just maybe a few “oh wells”.

This is the goal of The Summer Daze Project. 

For the second half of July and all of August, I will be posting moments, goals, events, and more that define people’s summer. This is especially if you are looking for something to do this summer before your life gets more packed than it already is or just are looking for something to spice up your summer.

Get ready Dazed Fam, here’s to the rest of the summer
and possibly a moment that can change the rest of your life.


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