Things I Have Learned This Summer ’17

Hi Dazed Fam!

I’m sorry I have been AWOL these past few weeks and the feed has been dead.
How are you all doing?! I missed you. Summer is fast approaching its end and I have a bunch of content lined up for you this fall! I will be completing the SDP Project No. 1 with a few more posts, but I wanted to have this one up before anything else. I also have some destinations that I need to post up! I am determined to make my 17 destinations list complete!

With these goals in mind, I began to reflect on this past summer and I realized:
And I have learned a lot, so I would like to take a moment to share. Some are generic statements but they are VERY applicable to what has happened to me.

  1. Teachers, administrators, or even just school staff are the most understanding people. They may have their own standards on how to approach life, but they set these with reason. They were just like you at one point.
  2. There are activities out there that do not require a large amount of funding. Do them.
  3. Your planner is not just your place to plan out your day to day activities, it is also your diary. It is the most accurate representation of your life.
  4. If a guy you are interested in dating does not make the effort to come to you or meet halfway, do not come to him.
  5. If a girl you are interested in dating does not make the effort to come to you or meet halfway, do not come to her.
  6. There will be people who bring up your past and make you remember who you once were. Do not let that forget who you are now.
  7. Your parents want to talk to you and be on a mutual level with you, they just do not know how. Make the first move.
  8. People have to put down things they love or are committed to. Do not hate on them for putting it down, understand them, respect them, and love them.
  9. Managing a blog/vlog/social media platform is difficult. However it is something you should not give up on if you have the desire to do it.
  10. Your best or closest friends do not always have to be by your side 24/7. Even just a meet up after 2, 3, or even 4 years is enough to remember why you were close to them in the first place.
  11. Everyone has a favorite human, and they could be anyone. You should not be ashamed of them.
  12. When a door opens, a door opens. If you think they’re closed, look again. The door could just be cracked open a little for you to come back to it again.
  13. You cross paths with people for a reason. Be determined to find that reason.
  14. Striking a conversation with an assistant/attendant while shopping or running an errand can increase your conversation skills. Your confidence in talking to people will grow.
  15. One individual in a relationship may say they have moved on. This does not mean the other individual has moved on.
  16. Communication is key for anything to progress, assumption is not.
  17. Sleep is the most important thing in the world and is your best friend.
  18. Your siblings are your forever friend. Love them.
  19. Patience is a virtue. When something finally happens, you’ll be glad it happened when it does.
  20. I hate applied math. Especially statistics. Bless those who are able to master this sorcery.
  21. Ghosting someone is an actual thing. It sucks, but it happens, and it is not always intentional.
  22. Being away in another country can definitely change a person. Whether it be for a week, a month, or even a whole year.
  23. You are the keeper of your own mind, body, and soul. Take care of it how you want to.
  24. There are attractions/events that come once in a blue moon, get tickets right away if you are determined to see them.
  25. If people deny your dreams, that’s okay. They’re not the ones making the dream happen. It’s you.
  26. If a guy/girl is interested in dating you, they’ll work with you and make sure you are comfortable with everything.
  27. There are people out there who have more energy than you do. Be patient with them.
  28. There are countless opportunities to forgive. There are rare opportunities to forget.
  29. Never ask or contemplate seeing a hypnotist to forget. You may just regret it.
  30. Be friends with people younger and older than you. They’re perspective on life is way different from yours.
  31. It is possible your best friends in one place have mirrors in another.
  32. Never be afraid to merge friend groups. You never know the outcome till you try.
  33. Alcohol infused ice cream is fricken amazing.
  34. Never agree to work out at 4 AM unless you are an insomniac or you sleep before 9 PM the night before.
  35. Set your standards low, but always try your best to avoid disappointment.
  36. There are foods that will move. Try them at least once in your life.
  37. Respect your supervisors and your bosses. They are in control of your current income.
  38. Get drunk with people who love you.
  39. There will be people who come to you at your lowest lows. They are the people worth keeping in your life.
  40. It’s okay to be friends with your ex as long as you both are on the same page with each other.
  41. It’s easy to lie to others, it’s hard to lie to yourself.
  42. Being friends with your coworkers is fun.
  43. Kamayan (Boodle Fights/Buffets that you eat with your hands on top of banana leaves) is not limited to Filipino food.
  44. Old school punk music will always bring a good time #ripBoFA
  45. You can never have too much of one food in one week.
  46. Your money is the hardest thing you’ll ever manage.
  47. Your grandparents had lives once, ask them about their past.
  48. Scream if you need to. It’s a great release. So are punching bags.
  49. A portable fan will be your best friend during the summer.
  50. Time and life moves on, so should you.

What did you learn this summer? Drop a comment below!

Till next time Dazed Fam!

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