Hello Dazed Fam!

Long time no talk, I know. I know you have been wanting new content so I promise promise promise that with the next two months (wrapping up 2017) there’s going to be so much! Then when 2018 rolls around, DAMN. It’s going to be wild.

Last time I spoke to ya’ll I was wrapping up summer. As of right now, as I am typing this, it is the end of October and the middle of my Fall Quarter.

And I wanted to update you all on what has been happening.

Back on the School Grind


Yes school is back in session! It is week five, which means it is the middle of the quarter for me and it is midterm season. I know how all you quarter system students feel. Shout out to my semester friends who are in week nine/ten. Pretty much I have something going on every day. This is a snapshot of what my weeks usually look like:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
– Workout at 7 AM
– Class at 10:30 AM
– Work till 4 PM
– Study/Appointments/Free Time/Early Dinner
– Volleyball/Volleyball Practice (MW ONLY)
– Study/Goof off on Fridays

Tuesday & Thursday
– Workout at 7 AM
– Work at 9 AM
– Any U Hour Work/Event
– Class from 1 PM – 5 PM
– Free Time/Early Dinner/Study
– Class till 8 PM
– P. Notes (A Capella Group for Filipino Club)
– Study

This is the general feel for it so far, and it’s manageable waking up at 6 AM and going to bed at 12 AM. Some days class is cancelled or I have to skip because of responsibilities for other classes or doing some self care. The goal is to not miss another quarter of school! (See Missing May Post) I spend a lot of my empty time studying for classes. I only go out if my schedule permits or if I need a break. 20 units is no joke but it is definitely manageable, with at least one class being online that is. The classes I am taking are Business Law, Business Communication, Microeconomics, Stress Management, and International Marketing. So far, the classes that are whooping my butt are Business Law and Microeconomics, but I am determined to pass! The fight to graduate is so real. I am so thankful I have my Passion Planner to keep me on track. It is definitely a challenge though to make sure I do not spend a lot of my time with my friends and work. I have a tendency to get sucked in and want to just forget about my deadlines and just enjoy myself. Senioritis is still a thing even in college. A lot of the time you just want to nap and be free, but then you think about your future and how you want to be proud of yourself for pushing through and being successful. I am currently in the process of applying for senior project, so I will definitely keep you all posted about that and what I will be doing. I also finally figured out what I want to do post-grad! Which you all better look out for the post in the next few weeks!

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’


The life of a student supervisor is INSANE. For those of you who have jobs as students, how is it for you?! Going to school and working at the same time is definitely a challenge, especially because they work together. However, my job I actually really enjoy. Working for on campus activities & events is so exciting and I get to meet so many people. Sometimes I do not even feel like I am working because I am participating in the events, planning them out, being excited about what is happening and what is going to happen, and spending time with people I love. For example, we had a huge event called Hot Dog Caper at the beginning of the October. At this event we gave out free hot dogs to students, had carnival games, and a bunch of free stuff to give out. I was able to participate in the events, bring my friends out to have some fun, and get some free lunch! This job really does help me become a better leader, especially since I am looking to have my own brand/company when I become a professional wedding/event planner. This is my last year in being in this office, so I definitely want to make the most out of it and learn as much as I can.

Working Hard Means Playing Harder


My life is not always black and white with school and work, everyone’s got to have a little bit of fun and color in their life. My outings range from having a one on one with a friend I have not seen or spoke to in awhile to going to a party with a larger group of friends. Ever since school started and I see my friends more often, I have done the following:

  • Found a view that I love & can just stare at for hours while I try to figure out my life
  • Visited Santa Monica/Huntington Beach and saw some pretty dope performances
  • Drank and had a good time
  • Car conversations
  • Eating out at new locations
  • Night walks
  • Went to parties hosted by friends for different occasions
  • Boba runs
  • Spent a night in with friends and just played Street Fighter and baked cookies
  • Korean BBQ
  • Pulling all nighters
  • Visited a pumpkin patch
  • Watched Happy Death Day and pooped my pants

This is only a few things I have done since school started and I am so excited with what November and December have in store for me! (SHOUT OUT TO KUYA/ATE/ADING AKA BIG/LITTLE REVEAL AND CHRISTMAS AND SKI TRIP AND SEEING MY LA FRIENDS AGAIN AND GOING TO CONCERTS WITH MY FRIENDS AND CELEBRATING MY BDAY)

Family is _______?


So let’s start with my Barkada family because they are the family I see almost every single flipping day. LOL LEMME JUST THROW OUT THERE I AM SO HAPPY I SEE AT LEAST ONE PERSON FROM MY LINE EVERY DAY LIKE WAOW. To be honest I do spend a lot of time/see my grands adings/littles a lot (Shout out to Martha & Alyssa) ((See picture above)) because I hang out with them on the daily at work or in the culture center/studio. I do see my adings/littles too, especially Zander at the gym; Alexa, Marlon, Angeli, and Patrick at the culture center; and John once every blue moon when he’s out doing his thing. The annual Fall reveal is coming up and holy cheese and crackers I am so excited to see who’s going to be a part of my family. (YEAAAAH GREAT GRAND) They also remind me on the daily that I am old. Thanks guys.


As for my family/real family/blood family, things have been tough, not going to lie. Still working on being my own person as well as a daughter/granddaughter/sister. For all of you in  your 20’s or have past your 20’s, is it not difficult to grow as an individual but also make sure you stay close to your family? I find it hard these days, especially because I am so busy and sometimes things in my life are better for me to deal with on my own versus having my family be involved in every detail. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I miss my brother a lot and it makes me sad that I cannot be with him every day to watch him grow. I miss my parents too, not being able to fully dedicate my time to get to know my parents on a different level. I also miss my grandparents. Whenever I see my grandma when I come home for a few hours, she always gets excited to see me and always comments on my progress when I give her updates. There’s definitely a fine line we all dance as college students to make sure our personal life and our family life is well balanced and manageable. Just me? Let me know your thoughts on this.

Staying on Top of the Game


Five weeks in and I have still not checked my weight progress. Lowkey but highkey scared to even do so. I only swam a few times in the beginning of the quarter, but I decided to put this picture up because it is my favorite workout. I love when the weather is A+ to go swim some laps in the gym’s pool. Anyways, in my school schedule I always try to implement working out for one or two hours. My goal is to finally run my half marathon in the next year, so a mile every day is a must. I also want really nice legs and an amazing core, is that weird???? I am not too set on having the arms. But a back and butt would be great too just throwing that out there. I will definitely do another post on my workouts and progress! People have been requesting for different workout plans/exercises and I am sorry I have been lagging 😦

Love on Top??? Or Bottom???


So…#ShootYourShot2017 ??? Sike. Actually I do not know. FLIRTING IS HARD MAN. OR JUST BEING OUT THERE IS HARD. I do not know how some people do it…

Update: I had a summer romance thing dating thing seeing someone thing, but unfortunately it did not work out. A part of me just was not feeling it anymore and my heart was just not 100%. He was great, no lie. Whoever is the lucky lady that he ends up with I am going to give them a great discount if they have my plan/coordinate their wedding. He and I are friends for the most part, which is good!

However lately…it’s been alright I guess. Is it just me or for girls, ESPECIALLY US GIRLS, it’s so easy for us to flirt/be suave and smooth with other girls, but we become super derps when it comes to guys???? JUST ME OR NAH??? I get so nervous just speaking one word on my own. A lot of people think I have the confidence to go up to talk to people, but those are in different mindsets, scenarios, and situations. Some people are just telling me to go for it and be straight forward, while others are just telling me to get to know him and give it time. I personally like the second option. Friends before anything is always great because then you’ve built a history and you can get a feel for them on what kind of person they really are. I really like being myself in general. If a guy does not like me for me, then they are not really worth my time. Anyone know tips to build your confidence/talk to your crush? Let me know and drop a comment!

That’s all for my updates, fam. Enjoy the rest of your daze!

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