My First Wedding!


I finally had the opportunity to work my first wedding as a Wedding Coordinator Assistant!

I currently work as a student supervisor for Student Activities & Programs and I am studying business to, one day, be an event & wedding planner/coordinator with my own brand.

One day, a close friend of mine, Janine, text messaged me asking: “ARE YOU DOWN?!”

I did not know what she was talking about at first, till I saw Facebook. I was tagged in a post from an alumni, Lyrissa, looking for assistants to help out at a wedding in early October. My jaw literally dropped and I texted my friend back saying a big “YES!”

We both emailed her and we ended up getting the job! Janine and I were now officially a part of Ellenar Events.

Ellenar Events is a day-of coordination company, specializing in weddings. The company provides care for details of your event, so you can enjoy a day that is meant to celebrate your new beginning, your new adventures, and your new life.

The wedding was out in Pioneertown, located near Joshua Tree. Regardless of the details provided by Lyrissa, we still did not know what to expect. We learned as coordinators, you can only be given so much detail by the wedding party, the bride, and the groom, but you will not know EVERYTHING till the night before or the day of.


We arrived in Pioneertown (pretty much the desert) around 2 PM to help set up. Everything was (for the most part) set and so we mostly helped with the food set up and making sure everything and everyone was in place.

The evening was filled with Doo-Wop singers, Elvis, drinking, dancing, donuts, cheese, dirt bikes, beautiful skies, and lots of love. Congratulations again to the lovely couple!

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be a part of this opportunity. This was such a big breakthrough for us and our futures. Thank you so much to our Wedding Coordinator, friend, and mentor, Lyrissa, for showing us the ropes and introducing us to the wedding industry and thank you to Janine for being my partner in crime for the night. Check out the photos from my experience below! Hopefully I can release the video footage I took soon.

This is the only the beginning Dazed Fam, see you at the next one!




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