Hi all.

Yeah, yeah I know. It definitely has been a hot minute since I talked to you all. However from the last time I spoke to you all to now, so much has changed in my life that it’s actually kind of surreal and scary, but refreshing at the same. This felt like a good time to catch you all up…a little bit 😉

This topic, as you can already guess from the title, is talking about my life post-grad. I reached out to Instagram/Twitter followers for topics to write about, and I received a request to talk about my life after graduation.

It’s sucks.

I’m just kidding, if anything the most accurate term for this period of time in my life is startling. Yes, startling.

So technically, I just graduated this Summer. I participated in Early Commencement at my university and I just finished my last undergraduate class. I’ve passed my classes and we’re just in the waiting game right now for the email that says “Congratulations! You will be receiving your very own expensive piece of paper soon in the mail”. However, I did experience the post-grad life already with a few changes in my life. There is a lot to talk about for my post-grad journey so far, but I have selected my top two game changers after I “graduated” from college that began my #PostGraduallyAdulting journey.

  1. Daily Routine
    The equation of my daily routine is no longer sleep, class, eat, class, sleep, hang out, eat, party, take a break, party some more, repeat (hopefully), but is actually more condensed and straightforward. Everyone cries, whoops, and hollers that they never have to stay up past 1:00 AM to write a 10 page paper that’s due the next day anymore after they have taken their last final. This is true. The normal college graduate is thrilled that they can sleep in till noon, work out more often, and go see the rest of the world without having to worry about going to class the next day and at the same time cure themselves of last night’s shenanigans and mishaps.It is not that easy.In post-grad, I found myself more concerned and conscious of how I spend my time. Now that I moved back to Los Angeles, a lot of my time spent is carefully blocked out in my Passion Planner (please sponsor me). Every day, there is a definite schedule but not a definite plan, ya feel? For example, during the weekdays when I was wrapping up my last classes, my routine would be class/catching up on homework, work, hang out, go home to rest, and repeat. If I had to condense it,  the schedule would just be three simple themes. The morning and early afternoon is the time when I’m most productive. This is the time that I feel myself getting the most done, whether it be chores, homework, or work-related tasks. The mid-late afternoon and evening would be reserved for my friends or anything that deals with a social setting. Usually I would end up getting dinner with a group, going out to do a physical activity, or spending some quality one on one time with that special someone. Then the evening to late night would be reserved for heading home, unwinding with my family, and going to sleep to tackle the next day.

    The themes are there, but the plans always change and not everything is going to go according to plan. There’s always going to be something different happening at work, a friend that I have not seen in ages, or a dog that will need my attention and love when I get home. You will have the occasional doctors appointments, job interviews, family and friend outings, and a spontaneous event, but you will notice that these things also go into your themed schedule. Whenever things that seem “unplanned” come my way, I usually end up putting it in a block of time that makes the most sense. I do get frustrated, I’m only human. When things are in a box it just seems a little easier or else they’ll throw off everything else. That’s life though, something’s going to throw something off eventually. Trust me, even though the amount of themes that were normally scheduled while I was in college have decreased, the amount of items in my themes have greatly increased as well. In a nutshell: I still do not have all the time in the world to do what I want to do, but I do have the time to do what I need to do.

  2. Social Circles
    I can go on and on about friendships and drama and relationships and blah blah but the important point I want to point out is this: your friends now may not be your friends later, and vice versa. At the end of my college career, it was another round of “who’s staying and who’s leaving”. I went through this in high school, and even elementary. You go for a certain number of years hanging with a familiar, minimal changing group of people, and then bam, something happens, and that period of education is over and so is (some of or all of) your friendship. It is the same trend that happens every single time to all of us no matter how big or small: our social circles change. Our MySpace top five then is not our Facebook top five now, and that is okay.Yeah, of course it sucks. It’s unfortunate when you see it. At first though.You thought that Person A was going to be your forever friend and Person B was always going to be that prick you cannot absolutely stand, but then shit hits the fan and by the time graduation rolls around you see Person B was the true homie and Person A was just trying to get something from you. If you have read my blog before or know me personally, you know I have gone through some pretty wild stuff in the past five years while I was in college. In these five years, the people I confide in, the people I go on late night adventures with, the people I cook for, the people that I help out, the people that I do not associate myself with, the people I envy, the people that confuse me, the people that I cry and laugh with, the people that I hold close to my heart, and the people that love me, changed. This does not always sit well with me, I do admit that.  I’m a total wreck when I lose someone, even for a short period of time, regardless if I know the reason or not. Because we as humans, and especially for myself, are always seeking for that life partner, that forever friend, that ride-or-die. When we do find that person, and they let you down, it is heartbreaking. However, after graduation I came to realize that as much as I love and cherish the one, two, three, five, ten, even twenty people that I once called or call home, there’s another one, two, even five other people out there to still meet, or who have been there all along. Those friends you have after post-grad, they are there for your present and your future, and that is all that should matter.

    So personally for me, to those who do not have a large presence in my current social circle, thnks fr th mmrs, college would be nothing without you and I hope we can make some memories soon. To those who are here and now, whether you’ve been there since elementary, high school, college, or a few days ago, cheers to our future.

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