I honestly believe that everyone who visits a blog page is just looking for some chisme/tsimis/gossip.

They look forward to those posts that scream “I HAVE SOME JUICY CONTENT FOR YOU. HERE LEMME TELL YOU ALL THE STUFF THAT IS GOING DOWN”. So the last time I put a RELEASE post, I took an excerpt from my diary and shared it with you all, and the one prior was about just what was running through my head. These RELEASE posts are just going to continue being real and raw pieces of my life. There’s no drafts, no edits, no nada. Just what is on my mind right now.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or talk to me in person, you will know that I have been (for the most part) being secretive or posting all these vague things like pictures of the fun plants and countdowns and “big mood” stuff. A lot of you have been messaging me and asking me, “April, what’s up????!” or “Dude, what’s happening in xx days?” or the best one I’ve heard to date: “CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT’S HAPPENING ARE YOU GOING TO REVEAL YOUR SECRET BOYFRIEND?” Shout out to the ones that did ask me that because maybe I do have one. They’re just not worthy of your amazing presence just yet. They have to earn your approval.

I can tell you right now:
I cannot tell you anything πŸ™‚
*cue laughing*

There are only a small amount, actually a handful of people, that know what is really going on in my life at the moment. I want to tell you. I want to tell you so bad. However, I promised myself that I would tell you when the time comes. Even my best friends, my close circles, don’t know what’s happening. They’re just as confused as the rest of the planet. People have taken a shot in the dark as to what is going on in my life, and I tell them they’re not wrong, but they’re not right either. Sometimes, people will tell me their piece of the puzzle. I’ll shrug and just say “Maybe”, smile, and then watch them as they keep guessing. I find it amusing what people have guessed.

I can tell you this:
I’m excited.

For the first time in forever, what seems like awhile (now that I look back), I’m genuinely excited. There has honestly been so much that has happened from when I graduated college this past summer to now, that everything has been going in different directions. It is a wild adventure, but it is one that I am for sure sticking to.

With this, my brain is drawing a blank and thus concluding this RELEASE. If you have guesses on what’s been going on or you have an idea of what I’m up to, message me! Let me know what you think. I may just tell you πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned and enjoy your daze!

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