Winter Is Coming

The featured photo is about four years old. Damn.

It’s the beginning of December and I have been recently paying a visit to the place where everything REALLY started: the space between the theater and the music building.

As of the last few weeks, tinikling workshops and acting workshops/auditions have been the talk of the town in our club. Hearing conversation among the first years of who’s going to try out and who’s willing to learn just warms my heart more than any boy will. The other day, I even participated in the workshop. Everyone started joking around and introducing me as the new baby trying out for tinikling or saying that I’d be the first alumni to be a part of the team.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Hype Nights for Friendship Games my first year, but I did not really connect with people till I attended workshops for dancing during the winter time. Flashback to December 2013 and January 2014, we have a young fetus April trying her hand at the modern/hip hop workshops that were occurring in preparation for Barkada’s Got Talent and then the tinikling workshops for the PACN.

You’re probably wondering (for my readers who are not as involved in the Filipinx community in colleges and universities), what the heck is a PACN?

PACN is short for Pilipino American Culture Night, which is an evening where individuals who are part of an Filipinx organization get to showcase their talents through acting, singing, dancing, committees, or even the ultimate stage crew. Some colleges have other names for the evening, but for Cal Poly Pomona Barkada, we call it PACN.

I can’t say much about PACN as of right now, but I will tell you this:

PACN changed my life.

Reflecting back, there are so many things that have occurred during each season. From the beginning where there were dance workshops and auditions, all the way to the curtain call, when everyone ends up on stage to give their final bows and thank you’s. And I will tell you this for those of you who are hesitant on what exactly they want to do for PACN or are hesitant about joining PACN or any commitment that is long term and has an ending:


The dates for lead and supporting role auditions have passed, but you still have the chance to be an extra to make the scene really come to life. Maybe even with a line or two.
You may have watched tinikling from afar and thought it looked cool, so what’s stopping you from participating in the last workshops? Or maybe workshops haven’t started for you yet, so what’s the harm in going?
Or maybe, you’re reading this and completely miss out on tinikling workshops and acting and it’s too late. Don’t worry, there’s more dances and committees to join that are just as fun. Attend those when the time comes and actually try. Going with friends makes it even more fun. (I heard stage crew is pretty cool)

I regret nothing. Had I not done PACN, I would have not found out who I am, who I want to be, and what I hold dear to my heart.

So, as an alumni of CPP Barkada and a very seasoned veteran of PACN, the next couple of months I’m going to be sharing my experience and the experience of others as we go through the season! For any Filipinx/Filipinx-American who has found themselves in a Filipinx club in college for the first time, you may not have experienced a culture night (unless you have done it in high school then mad props to you). The posts coming over the course of the next couple of months are things that I (or even others) went through:

acting, coordinating, dancing, singing, love, anger, friendship, heartbreak, and more.

Without TOO many spoilers of course 😉

For those who have gone through a culture night, some or many of these posts might hit you in the feels and take you back to a time during your road to PACN/PCN/FCN. You remember and you see where that experience has brought you now.

It’s hard to look back sometimes…but this is how I move forward.

Stay tuned & enjoy your daze!

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