2019: Forward

There is nothing wrong with having resolutions for yourself at the beginning of a new year. We like to view January 1 as the reset button, another year for another chance at living life to the fullest the whole way through. If you’re curious what resolutions I completed in 2018, here they are:

  • Walk Spring 2018, Graduate Summer 2018
  • Cook more: At the end of the year I’ve had more time to bake and learned how to make an iconic holiday Filipino dish
  • No McDonalds as much as possible: When I left college, I had no more excuses to get a $1 cheeseburger or 50 piece nuggets for $5. Had to leave that part of my life behind
  • Read 18 books.
  • Lose weight by May: In November of 2018 I weighed in at 141 lbs
  • More confidence
  • New events/wedding job: I became a sideline wedding coordinator & planner.
  • Snapchat less, live more: I completely removed the app. I still have the account but now it’s more of a time capsule.
  • Corgi  Got a dog in general a.k.a. Berro
  • Aim for more than 6 hours of sleep

I have a lot of things to look forward to this year. I feel like this year will be another big changing year, just like 2018 was. However this time, I’m anticipating bigger changes. I want to throw out some things into the universe and share with you all my dreams and aspirations for this year.

  • Fitness level up!
    By the end of 2019, I want to be as fit as a Miss Universe contestant but also weigh around the 130’s. I’ve been loving my progress and I know I can do more. During December, I actually started making plans and goal-setting with a couple of my friends. Maybe I’ll even share our journey along the way in future posts!
  • Travel to one place out of the country.
    Ever since I went to London and Paris, the travel bug hit me HARD. I’m high key debating between Germany or Singapore. I have connections in both countries that can potentially house me and take me around, but it also depends on a bunch of other things such as graduate school, their own travel plans, and weather during the time of visit. (As well as my financials let’s not forget that)
  • Take a few seconds every day to record something in your life.
    I still don’t know if I want to take videos or take a picture. In the past few years I have been inspired to do a photo/travel challenge or take a video of a few seconds in my life every day. All I know is that I want to make more memories and be able to record every single one to remember.
  • Small goals for each month.
    I am not good with keeping long-term goals. Did you realize that a lot of these goals that I have previously stated do not have details? I kept them as vague as possible because life happens and nothing is guaranteed. I also know that I am better with accomplishing short term goals when I know my existing circumstances. Therefore, we’ll take it month by month and I will share it along the way!

Here’s to accountability and prosperity.

Happy New Year everyone & here’s to a better daze in 2019.

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