Thank you for coming to my blog 🙂 I appreciate you immensely for taking the time to read about my shenanigans.

Due to a series of events, intense writer’s block, re-structuring my life, re-defining my writer’s purpose, as well as trying to enjoy life at the fullest at the moment (preparing for graduate school, getting back in shape, working more hours, and trying to adult is no joke), my blog will be on a temporary hiatus.

When will I post again? Not too sure.

I just know that I’m going to keep writing in my journal, my phone, and napkins or random pieces of paper, just not posting.
So in advance, I’m sorry if one day there’s just a plethora of posts that come online all at once. I’ll make sure to date each one when I actually write it in real time.

Love you lots and enjoy your daze.

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